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Digital Transformation

As the world continues to evolve through the mass adoption of digital transformation, organizations of all types must keep pace, enabling communications through any medium, and any device.

And to ensure that your journey to UC is seamless, all while being a rewarding experience, it’s imperative to have the right partner who has the right expertise, processes, insight, and human-centric approach to architect the right solution for your company. Stack8 is that partner.

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Unified Communications Infrastructure Health Check

Your Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure is the lifeblood of your organization’s productivity—it connects your team members, your partners and, most importantly, it connects you to your customers. This is why performing regular Unified Communications Infrastructure Health Checks is critical.

Our Elite Infrastructure Health Check Service provides you with a complete picture of how your system is being used and how it can be leveraged for bigger and better results. This big picture provides in-depth knowledge of the overall performance, opportunities for improvements, user experience, data integrity, reporting accuracy of your current system, and so much more. In short, the UC Health Check will enable you to make better, faster, and more informed decisions—propelling your organization to a new and bright future of connectivity.

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Advanced Business Continuity Planning & Architecture

For the majority of enterprise organizations, Unified Communications (UC) is now an integral part of overall business continuity. In fact, for most it represents the totality of ensuring that the business remains up and running regardless of circumstances.

Therefore, the UC infrastructure must also be viewed through a mission-critical lens. For instance, every call made through the system is not just a voice call: it’s voice paired with chat, file share, SMS and text messages, video collaboration, white-boarding, and so much more. This means that utilization is increasing exponentially while taxing systems like never before—all of which can never fail.

By engaging with Stack8—your Elite UC Professional Services partner—you can achieve peace-of-mind knowing that your UC infrastructure is designed to run at peak performance, that it has been analyzed for added functionality, cost savings, ROI and, most importantly, being viewed through the lens of mission-critical business continuity.

Business Strategy Development for Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) should never be about technical systems or applications—it should always be about connecting people.

And whether those people are team members, partners, or customers, creating a seamless and unified environment for people to thrive is the key to success. From strategic direction, to risk mitigation, security, and digital transformation, they are all centered on Unified Communications (UC)—in short, it addresses customer satisfaction, productivity, engagement, innovation, and even cost controls and ROI. Let Stack8 help you create your strategy and surpass your business goals.

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