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Unified Communications Management Platform

Welcome to SMACS, Stack8's revolutionary Unified Communications (UC) provisioning tool—a single pane of glass that enables users to manage Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes, and so much more.

Never Struggle With UC Management Again

The administrative tasks associated with UC provisioning can be overwhelming—if not just a waste of time and resources.

Whether it be the seemingly never-ending skills requirements and associated training to keep team members up-to-speed on UC technology, or the management of moves, adds, changes, and deletions that take time and valuable resources, or the mistakes made due to overly complicated UC platforms, whatever the reason, managing the complexities of UC is always a burden. But it doesn’t have to be.


Welcome to the Real UC Provisioning Tool

There are many companies that claim to offer a UC provisioning tool; however, that is simply not the case.

In fact, Stack8’s SMACS UC provisioning tool is a critical component of the world’s only comprehensive Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP). It has been built on one premise: to enable you to seamlessly offload costly and redundant MACDs to your Help Desk by providing them with a simple and highly intuitive interface to enable any provisioning—in seconds.

How can SMACS provision 450+ users almost immediately?
Read our latest Case Study to find out how it’s done, and how you can do it too.


The World-renowned Reputation of SMACS

There is a reason why the world’s largest companies rely on Stack8.

SMACS is capable of provisioning users and devices in seconds across your entire user base.


No specialized training required

Help Desk agents can be up-and-running in minutes ready to solve any UC challenge.


Troubleshoot service issues with ease

With its built-in functionality, SMACS identifies issues for your team to reduce resolution times.


Reallocate all MACs to your Help Desk

Enables your IT team to reduce their involvement in UC to tackle far more important projects.

Our world-renowned SMACS platform enables highly complex provisioning to be achieved with ease—fully integrating with Cisco UC, Microsoft, and more. As well, our unique platform comes with built-in business intelligence BI modules, unparalleled out-of-the-box processes to accelerate and simplify provisioning, and the ability to customize interfaces based entirely on your own process needs.


See What SMACS Can Do For You.
In just 20 minutes, the SMACS demo will show you what your company is capable of. Are you ready?


Interactive 360 View

Where other tools show you a static, complicated and unintuitive table view of what services the user has, our 360 degree view provides the Help Desk with a sleek single-pane-of-glass complete with interactive tiles, enabling the Help Desk to see what an employee has provisioned and to make changes to that employee’s services in real time—all within the same view.

Stack8 - Interactive 360 View
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The Features & Functionality That Have Redefined The UC Industry

If seeing is believing, just wait until we walk you through a 20-minute demo that will forever change your business. Until then, here are just a few of the things that will revolutionize your company.


One-click Provisioning

SMACS enables Help Desk agents to either provision or de-provision users in just one click—all without the unnecessary fumbling through templates or jobs. Imagine any and all changes done from a single Interactive 360 degree view with the click of a button.

Troubleshoot Misconfigurations in Seconds

SMACS provides users with instant feedback for fields that are misconfigured or do not follow your company’s standards. This allows you to quickly identify potential issues or misconfigurations and correct them instantly.

Built for Standardization & Consistency

Enforce standardization and consistency throughout your organization via flexible site-based configurations with feedback on services that do not match your company’s standard.

Dial Plan Management in CUCM and Active Directory (LDAP)

Stop wasting time consulting complicated route plan reports or updating outdated spreadsheets to identify available extensions or DIDs. The SMACS Dial Plan Manager works like an airplane seat selector, showing you all the available and unavailable extensions to easily assign the next available number. Automatically push those details down to Active Directory (ex. iPhone / telephone number), ensuring that your corporate directory is always up-to-date and in sync with your UC environment.

Automatic Phone Button Template Management

Make changes to button layouts without having to deal with cumbersome phone button templates.

Phone Model Swap

Swap phone models and migrate existing configurations (including button configurations) within seconds.

Agent Provisioning & Skilling

Set up Agents in UCCX with all necessary configurations (ex. IPCC extension, skilling, associating app users, call recording options) through the 360 degree view within seconds.

Audit Trail

Track the comprehensive details of all moves, adds, and changes made within your system.

Role-based Access Control

Push MACDs to the frontline to Help Desk level or even facility managers responsible for dedicated sites, reducing overall tickets and liberating time to work on more valuable projects.

Customizable Interface

Customize the SMACS look and feel to match your corporate brand, colors, and more—even have the self-service portal include your logo.

PhoneFX Integration

SMACs integrates with UnifiedFX’s PhoneFX software—helping streamline business operations while providing the full scope of necessary provisioning and remote-control features, making it an excellent choice for Cisco user provisioning and Cisco phone management.

LDAP or SAML2 SSO Authentication

Allow users to authenticate using their LDAP or SSO credentials.

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