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UC Management Platform - SMACS Control

A highly robust UC data and analytics tool that enables comprehensive reporting, designed to deliver insightful and actionable business intelligence.

Why UC Data Matters

Successful business is built on actionable data.

Yet organizations of all types continue to struggle with maintaining accurate, up-to-date and insightful reporting—having no way to control or evaluate the imperative key metrics associated with their UC platform. This lack of data can lead to everything from license sprawl, underused assets, and an endless list of inefficiencies. In short, with no measurement comes no management, rendering any UC strategy pointless. However, there is an alternative.

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The Magic of SMACS Control

Welcome to your new world of comprehensive UC data—all in one convenient place.

Our SMACS Control module—part of our industry-leading SMACS UC Management Platform—instantly enables users to consolidate much-needed metrics from the entirety of their UC infrastructure into one centralized system. Furthermore, those metrics can then be consolidated and built to provide any number of custom reports and dashboards.

The outcome? Instantaneous insight and control—enabling cost reductions, the identification of adoption challenges and opportunities, compliance adherence and risk reduction, and the ability to make insightful business decisions that affect the success of your business.


System Agnostic. C-Suite Focused.

Not all UC infrastructure is built on a single platform—SMACS Control handles that for you.

From Cisco to Microsoft and so much more, UC has evolved to be a combination of any number of UC platforms and solutions. That is why SMACS Control has been purpose-built to address a multitude of vendors to provide unparalleled UC insights across the entirety of your infrastructure. Better yet, by extending functionality through the entire SMACS UC Management Platform, SMACS Control becomes the world’s only UC tool that can action insights with no manual intervention required.

How can SMACS provision 450+ users almost immediately?
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SMACS Control

Features and Functionality of the World’s Leading UC Management Platform

If seeing is believing, just wait until we walk you through a 20-minute demo that will forever change your business.
Until then, here are just a few of the things that will revolutionize your company.

Adoption & Cost Reduction Analysis
So many things can inhibit an organization’s ability to make the right decisions on which products to use: like not knowing whether deployed applications are being used (e.g., Webex Teams vs. MS Teams), or what adoption rates are, or what is being used to foster better collaboration.

By leveraging the power of SMACS Control’s comprehensive data and reporting, in-depth call detail reports can be generated with ease to deliver real-time insights as to how services are being used by every user in the company.

Usage & Inventory Analysis
Far too often, organizations have no idea what licenses or devices are currently in use. This leads to a lack of control, resulting in unnecessary spending and potential waste. More so, users who never receive outside calls are often still assigned their own phone numbers (DIDs), along with features and functionality that are never used—again, a waste of budget and resources.

With SMACS Control, managers can immediately know the number of active (and inactive) devices, licenses, features and DIDs—enabling immediate cost savings and the simplification of configurations, whether or not users require outside numbers, hardware refresh planning, and more.

Proactive Identification of Configuration Issues
In today’s ever-connected world, it’s imperative for users to be able to seamlessly connect from wherever they are, whenever they need. However, when user accounts are incorrectly configured, this immediately translates to uncontrolled downtime—resulting in people not being able to do their jobs. Worst of all, once a user account is created, it is virtually impossible to validate the account without reviewing every user setup one-by-one, or without waiting for the user to initiate a support ticket.

The SMACS Control CUCM custom reporting feature enables managers to immediately track any and all misconfigurations or outliers within the system including hunt group memberships, incorrect numbers in the global directory, mis-configured third-party integrations, voicemail setups, and so much more.

Administrative Analytics Consolidation
The ability to source and report on analytics from multiple UC platforms is never easy, making overall control through analysis nearly impossible. However, the need for UC-based business intelligence is also at an all-time high. Whether it be building reports to determine sales group performance, user-to-user communication, work-from-home productivity and presence tracking, or something else—detailed analytics are now the lifeblood of corporate success.

The revolutionary SMACS Control UC data consolidation engine enables immediate, easily configured analysis queries to deliver maximum visibility and insight into all aspects of UC system usage—delivering the modern business intelligence required for today’s ever-connected business.

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SMACS Manage

Enable users with little to no technical knowledge to address the majority of daily UC tasks—enabling seamless offloading of costly and redundant MACDs and daily management to the Help Desk—and providing a simple and highly intuitive interface to enable any provisioning in seconds.


SMACS Automate

Eliminate long and expensive development times for creating customized, automated workflows. Users of any skill level can immediately implement out-of-the-box functionality and integrations; as well as create custom workflows reducing typical workflow from hours to mere seconds.