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UC Management Platform - SMACS Automate

A compressive UC workflow automation tool that enables seamless provisioning, 
de-provisioning, and device modifications with no user intervention required.

Connect an Otherwise Disconnected World

UC systems may be great at connecting people—but when it comes to connecting to business systems, they often fall painfully short of their intended expectations.

Unified Communications’ inherent lack of connectivity or built-in integrations with the majority of business systems often translates to time, energy and budget being spent on the development of custom processes. More so, these processes remain either highly manual in nature or highly expensive—needing developers to be involved at every turn to create, automate and maintain what should be simple, repeatable tasks. Luckily, that is no longer the case.


The Magic of SMACS Automate

Gone are the days of long and expensive development times for creating customized, automated workflows.

Our revolutionary SMACS Automate module—part of our industry-leading SMACS UC Management Platform—enables users of any skill level to immediately implement out-of-the-box functionality and integrations; as well as create custom workflows in systems relating to HR, ITSM (ServiceNow) and more. Best of all, users can reduce typical workflow from hours to mere seconds.


The Speed of Precision

From user on-boarding, off-boarding, license upgrades and downgrades—everything is now on auto-drive.

Whether you’re an IT manager or director, work in a high-paced dev-ops environment, or are tasked with improving business processes, SMACS Automate is the world’s tool of choice. Its UC-focused workflows deliver highly precise immediate rule-driven outcomes, resulting in simple and easy-to-deploy UC management changes.

How can SMACS provision 450+ users almost immediately?
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SMACS Automate

Features and Functionality of the World’s Leading UC Management Platform

If seeing is believing, just wait until we walk you through a 20-minute demo that will forever change your business.
Until then, here are just a few of the things that will revolutionize your company.

Highly Simplified User On-Boarding
It’s not uncommon for UC managers and team members to have to create many new users in a short period of time. And though new people entering a company’s workforce is always a good thing, the time and energy spent provisioning new people can be nothing short of a typical administrative hassle.

SMACS Automate’s Bulk Provisioning feature enables admins to simply upload a CSV file containing the list of desired new users with optional extensions, resulting in immediate configuration for everyone within a single operation.

Highly Simplified User Off-Boarding

Often, when people leave a company, their devices are not removed from the UC system. This can lead to everything from administrative challenges, unplanned or unforeseen missed costs associated with valuable licenses and DIDs, and even security issues. SMACS Automate’s De-Provisioning feature automatically removes or modifies inactive users found in CUCM, keeping your system licenses and devices in check.

Seamless ITSM Integration and Automation

It’s no surprise many organizations use leading ITSM platforms such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, SpiceWorks and more—meaning users of these systems likely have already configured their ITSM system workflows. Unfortunately, these configurations and workflows are not integrated into their UC infrastructure, leading to disparate information and processes.

SMACS Automate’s Zero-Touch Provisioning and De-Provisioning features enable seamless API integration with ITSM platforms, allowing these third-party systems to call and access workflows to then be used within the SMACS Manage UC management platform module.

See What SMACS Can Do For You.
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SMACS Manage

Enable users with little to no technical knowledge to address the majority of daily UC tasks—enabling seamless offloading of costly and redundant MACDs and daily management to the Help Desk—and providing a simple and highly intuitive interface to enable any provisioning in seconds.


SMACS Control

Enable users to consolidate much-needed metrics from the entirety of their UC infrastructure into one centralized system—enabling cost reductions, the identification of adoption challenges and opportunities, compliance adherence and risk reduction.