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Hosted Unified Communications (UC)

A comprehensive Cisco HCS environment enabling unlimited possibilities and benefits of a fully managed Cisco Cloud UC infrastructure.

Are you ready for your limitless future?

Remain relevant, plan for future endeavors, and build a solid path to success.

Moving your current on-premises solutions to a hosted model—a Tier 1 data center environment where all current infrastructure would continue to reside—allows you to simultaneously benefit from additional managed service components. This enables you to evolve at your own pace, all while moving toward a more modern and lucrative set of Unified Communications (UC) goals.

Maintain Ultimate Control

Don’t worry that a hosted environment will result in a loss of that control.
That is not the case!

We provide you with complete access while also delivering superior services at a single, predictable cost structure, addressing budget challenges while also alleviating the stress of allocating both time and talent.

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Gain World-Class Expertise

The greatest challenges that frequently hinder overall success are expertise and time.

To solve that challenge, we bring world-class expertise and globally recognized best practices developed from years of experience with countless multinational customers—things no company can afford to buy or cultivate internally.


Deliver Personalization & Customization

When it comes to communications practices and processes, you’re unique—your infrastructure should reflect that.

Our solution enables full customization of all your business processes and interconnectivity needs—and even customer interaction—and is addressed in a way that is just for you and your specific needs, avoiding the inadequate cookie-cutter models provided by many hosts.

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Our Cloud Unified Communications (UC) Professionals love technical questions almost as much as we love solving technical challenges. Ask us a question—we have the answer.


Enhance End-User Experience

When making the move from on-premises UC infrastructure to a hosted platform, maintaining your user experience is an absolute necessity. Better yet, what about enhancing it?

We not only have the right hosting environment, but also we have the ability to access and map current practices to ensure they are migrated correctly and efficiently to avoid disruption. More so, we have the ability to audit your practices, determine what could be better and, as a result, improving them and making them more engaging.


Become Evergreen

Maintaining on-premises UC infrastructure is anything but rewarding, often utilizing too many human resources and constantly requiring staff to overcome new infrastructure challenges.

Our UC professionals not only can help maintain your systems, but also can help you remain evergreen by continually managing its application, avoiding otherwise painful hardware and software upgrades that take too much time, effort, and resources.


Digital Transformation Ready

Digital transformation readiness can be a difficult task; often, the project is stalled simply because the on-premises technology is either aging or unable to meet today’s needs.

Our solution helps you migrate away from traditional on-premises infrastructure to a hosted model, compete with future-proof technology, and with the expertise to accomplish digital transformation initiatives in a timely and highly accurate manner.

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