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Hosted Unified Communications (UC)

Achieve unlimited control of your UC environment while experiencing the unlimited possibilities and benefits of a fully managed Cisco Cloud UC infrastructure.

Solving the Ever-present Need for Constant & Ubiquitous Connectivity

In today’s always-on, ever-connected world of business, your team needs to be connected to each other, to partners and, most importantly, to customers.

Stack8’s Hosted Unified Communications has been purpose-built on a highly robust Cisco Unified Communications platform, all within a network of Tier 1 North America Data Centers to ensure the professional hosting and robustness required for today’s modern enterprise.

Imagine no more servers, no more data centers, no more headaches.


Unlimited Control

We believe our customers should have complete control over their own infrastructure—they should have unfettered access to their infrastructure at all times.

With our unique hosted model, customers own their single-tenant infrastructure to manage how they want and when they want, including control over everything from upgrades, and more. This control enables you to increase agility, free up much needed resources, sell more effectively, and experience far greater ROI while seamlessly shifting from CapEx to OpEx.

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Complete Accessibility Paired With Spectacular Support

From moves, changes, upgrades, and more—everything is fully accessible at all times.

When you need help, the Stack8 team is there for you as a part of your hosting cost—ensuring that you have the professionals you need, when you need them.

Your Fully Customized Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Environment

Our team of professionals work directly with you to ensure that all aspects of your Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Environment is configured to your exact requirements and specifications, ensuring that all processes and personal preferences are addressed at all times.

And when migrating from your on-prem Cisco UC Infrastructure, our team of Cisco Unified Communications (UC) experts make sure that all end-user experiences remain consistent—avoiding downtime and preserving productivity.

Let’s Talk Technical
Our Cloud Unified Communications (UC) Professionals love technical questions almost as much as we love solving technical challenges. Ask us a question—we have the answer.

Are You Ready For Digital Transformation?

As the world continues to evolve in the way that it communicates, Stack8 provides a robust Cisco Unified Communications (UC) Environment that enables you to easily introduce new features and functionality to address virtually any digital transformation need with ease.

Furthermore, our Hosted Unified Communications service eliminates the need for the continual maintenance and management usually associated with traditional on-prem infrastructure—instead transferring the responsibility of continual improvement to Stack8, ensuring an evergreen UC environment.

Your World of Possibilities

It all starts with Stack8’s collaborative approach—capturing your exact requirements and business goals to create the perfect UC environment.

Unified Communications Manager

Simplify with IP-based voice, video, and messaging delivered as a service.

Webex Teams

Add Cisco-powered Webex Teams to your HCS deployment for an integrated user experience.


Establish a seamless user experience with high-quality, scalable web and video capabilities.

Corporate Telephony

Deploy a cloud-hosted PBX for full-featured, enterprise-grade IP telephony for any size organization.

Unity Connection

Access messages the way you prefer, from an IP phone, mobile phone, or desktop client.

Webex Meetings

Webex’s integrated audio, video, and content sharing help you make decisions faster.

Call & Message

Manage voice, video, and mobility to provide reliable communications for your team wherever they work.

Contact Center

Create differentiated customer experiences with omnichannel customer care.


Find the right people, begin an instant-messaging chat, make a call, or share your screen with a single click.

Contact Center

Deliver superior multichannel customer service through intelligent contact routing, next-generation agent, and more.

Migrate Migration Ready

Prepare your on-prem Cisco CUCM with a clear migration path to cloud-based collaboration.


Engage co-workers, customers, and partners. Experience better meetings with high-definition video and screen sharing.

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