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Hosted by UnifiedFX with special guests Stack8

With the introduction of Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act in February 2020, many companies are struggling to test their Cisco VoIP phones in remote locations to ensure they are adhering to the new laws.

The challenge is both about technology and logistics. Many organizations have tens to hundreds of remote locations that need to be tested and when you add the technology complexity of Extension Mobility, then the challenge is significant. However, with PhoneView you can control and test for compliance from a single platform in any location, to any phone at any location with its local 911 service.

UnifiedFX, the leader in Cisco VoIP End Point and UCCX Agent Management, invites you to join us, along with North America’s leading Unified Communications provider Stack8, for our latest webinar on how to remotely test Cisco VoIP Phones for adherence to Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act.

In this webinar, UnifiedFX will discuss and demonstrate how to undertake testing and ensure compliance. Stack8 will also guide us on the various e911 solutions that best integrate with Cisco and illustrate how certain aspects of the process can be simplified.

Topics to be covered by UnifiedFX and Stack8:

  • Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act
  • 911 Calling and Dispatch Location Testing
  • 911 Hot Desk Testing Scenarios (Extension Mobility)
  • PhoneView 911 Testing Demo
  • Stack8 Insights on e911 Solutions (Considerations/Integrations with CUCM)
  • Stack8 Moves Adds & Changes ( SMACS – Cisco UC provisioning) Demo