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Cloud Contact Center

A complete collaboration solution from Cisco or 8x8 that enables contact centers to create highly personalized and enhanced customer experiences.
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Solving the Inherent Complexity of Unified Communications

With the advent of digital transformation, customer expectations have vastly evolved. No longer are antiquated call center practices viable: long wait times, the chance of being connected to the wrong agent or department, or long paths to resolving issues.

Whether it’s a new customer looking for new services, or a valued customer seeking a timely and accurate solution, whatever the case, your business and your brand revolves directly around your contact center.

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Why Stack8’s Cloud Contact Center

Stack8 enables companies to seamlessly migrate to the cloud.

Deliver endless opportunities for enhanced innovation, grow and maintain marketshare, create a better brand experience, and build an evergreen infrastructure—free of hardware upgrades, cumbersome infrastructure management, and more.

Furthermore, Stack8’s team of Cloud Contact Center experts can create the perfect cloud migration plan and move your operations to the cloud with ease—enabling you to better connect with everyone, through any channel, at anytime with ease.

Your New Customer Experience Begins Here

Our Cloud Contact Center Solution immediately leads to improved agility, flexibility, and scalability, not to mention a far faster deployment of new capabilities without disruption to your team—all aimed at creating the ultimate customer experience.

More so, through highly innovative cloud features and emerging technologies, our solution makes it exceedingly easy to integrate with major cloud apps.

Your Business and the Cloud

Our Cloud Contact Center Solution can also help to reduce costs and capital expense, all while adding more accurate and predictable budgeting through analytics and business intelligence.

To help IT, our Cloud Contact Center Solution can lead to immediate operational efficiencies with more time to focus on strategic initiatives—all while enhancing cyber security and reducing risk to meet strict regulatory and legal compliance requirements. More importantly, we help ensure contact center uptime, enabling you to be there 24/7/365 for your customers.

The Benefits of Stack8 Cloud Contact Center

Our Cloud Contact Center Solution will enable you to:

Create personalized customer experiences that improve customer lifetime value

Turn customer data into actionable insights

Break down silos across your business to empower employees with timely and relevant information

Optimize workforce productivity and improve the agent experience

Better manage the multiple applications and workflows that serve your contact center

Meet and exceed security compliance requirements

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